lesespitze und paper sail

Welcome dear fellow travellers and booklovers!

Paper Sail is a journey and a guide to bookshops around the world. It showcases beautiful and notable bookshops in pictures that are more than just bookshops – they are places for seeking, browsing and finding. For dating people, ideas and words. They are places to travel to. And sometimes I wish I could live in them for a little while.

Bookshops are the collectors of their country’s and the world’s stories. So, in telling and showing the stories of bookshops I want to capture the literary spirit of cities and countries around the world – starting with Barcelona in 2014. The locals know best, so I ask the people behind the bookshops’ desks to share their know-how of the city. In interviews, they talk about literature suggestions, recommendations on places to go and the status quo of the bookshop industry in their country.

I am also keeping a logbook to document all things literary that cross my way while travelling from bookshop to bookshop, like magazines, books, events and places. Like Mercè Rodoreda’s plaça del diamant in Barcelona.

Let me show you places, books and stories on my way around the world, and get inspiration on what to read and ideas on where to go for your next city trip!

About me

cindy ruch_by jennifer six
I am Cindy Ruch, a writer, photographer and translator from Germany. I believe that literature brings you closer to foreign countries and cities, so bookshops and local writers have always been in my spotlight when I arrive in the unknown of a new place. I was dreaming of a bookshop travel guide, and when I spent my summer 2014 in Barcelona, it felt like the right time and place to start Paper Sail. More about my work on my website or on my travel photo blog cake+camera.

And while sailing around the world with books in my backpack and bookshops marked on the maps, I will probably sing along Paper Sails (thanks Stu Larsen for the song and inspiration for the name of my bookshop travel project).


I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line if you want me to visit your favourite bookstore on my travels, if you are the owner of my my next favourite bookshop or if you want me to join you for a coffee break in the bookshop around the corner or if you have another idea in mind. I like to dream and make them come true. I’m looking forward to your e-mail, please send it to: dearCindyR(at)gmail(dot)com

Photo of me by Jennifer Six at Shakespeare & Company, Paris.


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