Paludan Bogcafé :: Copenhagen

Not only still waters run deep, but also busy cafés. Paludan Bogcafé allures you to sit down, have a coffee, a chat and a look at the bookshelves and the weather outside. Dare to go deeper into the basement: more stories are waiting there.


Interview with Flemming Johansen, bookseller at Paludan Bogcafé.

Which three books of Copenhagen would you recommend to a person visiting the city?
It’s very random which books you have for sale in antiquariats, so it will depend on what is in stock, but if I have I will say: Copenhagen by Steen Eiler Rasmussen + any title by Karen Blixen + any title by H.C. Andersen.

Please tell me a bit about the literary scene in your neighbourhood.
The literary scene in this neighbourhood is wide: lots of small places with niches and 90% of the publishers of Copenhagen are within one kilometre.


What’s the story of the bookshop?
Paludan was founded in 1951 in this bookstore that was housing lots of publishers and retailers since the start of the century – Hagerup + Thanning&Appel as the most known. In 1999, the bookmarket changed and the concept with the combination of café and books was launched, and the last 7 years it has proven to work on a market were the bestsellers are sold in supermarkets and by the net-pigs :-)


What are the challenges nowadays in Denmark to run a bookshop – and which ideas make Paludan Bogcafé unique and special?
The challenge is to spot a good book before it sells fast, to get the part of the sale before the supermarkets and the net-pigs dump the price (for new books). The antiquarian part is classic, we got some good standard literature in nice condition and supply rare books for nerds. What makes us special?… The cosy interior combined with our way to run a non-profit gallery where art is displayed and sold directly by the artist, and it is also popular because of fair prices for good quality food in the café.


Can you recommend a few of your favourite places near your bookshop?
One place to visit very closeby is The Roundtower of Copenhagen, built in 1642, which also provides access to the University of Copenhagens library. It used to house the astronimcal observatory for Ole Rømer and others, and is still used by amateur astronomers and visitors.



Paludan Bogcafé
Opened in 1951.
Owned by Sylle Altunay for the last seven years.
Fiolestræde 10-12, 1171 Copenhagen, Denmark.
Monday – Friday 9 – 22, Saturday – Sunday 10 – 22

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